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Stupid IPS: Discover an exceptional visual quality level thanks to our EPIC 23.8'' display with an IPS slab. This revolutionary technology offers bright colors and wide vision angles. Enjoy an immersive gaming experience, where every detail is incredibly sharp, whether you are in full action or relax by exploring virtual worlds.

An exceptional reactivity: Dive into the heart of the action with a refresh rate of 165 Hz. EPIC 23.8’ offers fluid animations and exceptional reactivity, allowing you to react instantly to the movements of your opponents. The games are more fluid than ever, offering you an undeniable advantage in online competitions and a total immersion in your favourite adventures.

Ultra Rapiiiiiiiide Don't let anything slow down your game. EPIC 23.8'' offers an ultra fast response time of 1 ms MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time). This means that each pixel reacts to the speed of the lightning, virtually eliminating drags and motion floss. You will always have a clear and precise vision, even during the most frantic action sequences.

The images come alive! Dive into even more immersive gaming worlds thanks to the HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology of our gamer screen. The images take life with striking contrasts, deep blacks and bright whites. Enjoy every visual detail, whether in the dark corners of a mysterious forest or under the bright sun of a post-apocalyptic desert. The game experience becomes even more realistic and captivating.

Optimum visual comfort: Discover the ultimate gamer screen that redefines the game experience with FreeSync for fluid movements, the blue anti-light to reduce eye fatigue, and a 178° vision angle for exceptional image quality. The integrated overdrive ensures fast response times, ideal for fast games, and the "Flicker Free" technology eliminates the glitter, ensuring optimal visual comfort during extended sessions. In addition, its fine edges make it the perfect choice for multi-screen configurations, allowing you to dive deeper into your gaming universe by sticking two screens together without discontinuity. EPIC Series of screens designed to meet the requirements of the most passionate players.