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BODY YOUR SETUP: With the Universal Sentinel headset support with its 27 cm height, it allows to store and have at hand its headset. Its base is stable prevents it from moving through rubber skates or switching during use thanks to the built-in ballasts.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Enjoy RGB customization with its 11 predefined backlight effects: Neon, Chroma, Breathing... Choose the mode that suits you with its fingerprint sensitive button.

HUB 4 PORTS USB 2.0 : you can connect to the nearest setup: your mouse, keyboard... transfer files from your USB key and even charge your smartphone!

ERGONOMICAL CONCEPTION: Equipped with a removable cable guide “ Bungee”, it allows you to move your mouse freely and feel like using a wireless mouse by raising your cable! The Sentinel silicone arm is compatible with rubber, braided or paracord cables.

BODY YOUR SETUP: With the virtual Sentinel 7.1 headphone support. With its 24.8 cm high metal rod, it allows to store and have its headset at hand. Its rubber base is stable and prevents it from moving or switching during its use thanks to the integrated bales.

SURROUND 7.1 VIRTUEL: The support integrates a virtual 7.1 chip that will give you an ultra realistic surround sound: from the whistling of the 5.56 mm balls to the zombie grunts, enjoy a 360° sound experience. After downloading its intuitive software, you will benefit from an immersive audio effect that will plunge you into the heart of the action.

UNIVERSAL: Virtual Sentinel 7.1 is universal: it allows to connect any headset! A USB headphone, A 3.5 mm jack headphone (A audio socket + microphone) and even double 3.5 mm jack (A socket for audio and a socket for the microphone). No need to buy an additional adapter, it even has an additional USB port to connect another device.

RGB: The support illuminates and offers an ultra-design RGB backlight from its base. Using its sensitive fingerprint button, choose one of the 9 predefined effects: Neon, Chroma, Breathing.