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PROTECTION: We spend on average several hours a day in front of a screen to play or work. This is why it is important to protect your eyes daily from the harmful effects of screens: visual fatigue, migraines, sleep disorders.. Blue light glasses Spirit of Gamer filter the aggressive blue light of your various screens.

ANTI-LUMIERE BLEU : These are glasses without any correction, but with special treatment against blue and anti-reflective light. The contrasts are thus improved and the brightness of the screens is reduced. The large glass size gives a better peripheral vision. Finish the headaches after work.

ULTRA LEGERES: Even worn long, you won't feel them on you. The frame is light, only 26 grams. His bridge, rest is adjustable! No trace on your nose, they are perfect for spending time in front of screens.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT Sleep, an important part of our life. Blue light negatively affects rapid sleep and recuperating sleep. By filtering this light, you can fall asleep much faster and enjoy a sleep of superior quality.

GAMING, TELETRAVAIL, SMART TV : With a resolutely eSport style, a light frame and an adjustable fit PRO RETINA is today widely appreciated by your opinions for daily use: at home to play or telework, at the office. Thank you! The Moons Spirit of Gamer meet ISO 123 12-1.