General conditions of sale

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions of Sale ("hereinafter "CGV") apply, on an exclusive basis, to sales between Suza International (hereinafter "Suza") and its customer (hereinafter "Client") for the purchase of articles according to the processes specified in Article 2 below (hereinafter "Products"). The Customer acknowledges the after-sales service charter - RMA (hereinafter "Charte SAV-RMA") of the Products, available on the Suza website or on request from our customer service.

1.2 The fact of placing an order implies, unless expressly agreed and otherwise written, the entire and unreserved adherence of the Customer to the CGV. These Terms and Conditions prevail over any other conflicting document, including the terms and conditions of purchase of the Customer to whom the Customer expressly waives.

1.3 Suza reserves the right to unilaterally modify these VTCs and, in such cases, to apply them to all orders placed after the date of amendment.

2.1 Orders can be made by:

Phone +33 (0)1 55 81 08 08, Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 12:30pm and from 1:30pm to 5:30pm,

Email, by emailing your email to your sales

Fax to +33 (0) 1 55 81 08 09

Courrier : Suza International, Parc d’activ du Bel Air, 11 Avenue Joseph Froëlicher, 77164 Ferrières-en-Brie, Marne-la-Vallée, France

2.2 Prior to the first order, the Customer must provide the necessary information: its name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, KBIS, RIB

The Customer is obliged to provide, at the time of the opening of his customer account, correct information. Any incomplete and/or false information commits the responsibility of the author.

2.3 Any order will be confirmed to the Customer by Suza by email: order confirmation as soon as possible. The sale will only be considered final after Suza sends the order confirmation by email to the Customer.

2.4 Any modification or cancellation of order requested by the Customer shall be subject to an express and written agreement of Suza, the latter having the discretion to refuse it. In any event, the modification or cancellation of an order may only be taken into account if it is the subject of a written notification to Suza at least eight (8) days before the shipment of the Products. If Suza does not accept the modification or cancellation of the order, the deposits paid by the Customer will not be returned.

An order accepted by Suza may always be cancelled by the latter in the following cases, without any compensation of any kind: force majeure (as defined in Article 3.5 below) or lack of availability of the Products. In such cases, any payments made on the cancellation date will be refunded.

2.5 The minimum order is 300€ HT. This minimum is subject to change without notice.

3.1 The Products are available in Metropolitan France, DOM-TOM, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, UK and Germany. Thank you for getting closer to our services for any other destination.

3.2 Products travel to the Customer's risks and risks.

If the Customer opts for the withdrawal of the Products, they will be asked for a proof of identity or a power written on the Customer's header signed by their leader. The withdrawal of the Products will take place at: Suza International, Parc d’activité du Bel Air, 11 Avenue Joseph Froëlicher, 77164 Ferrières-en-Brie, Marne-la-Vallée, France, Monday to Friday from 13:30 to 17:30. If the Products are not removed within three (3) working days from the order confirmation, Suza reserves the option to cancel the order.

3.3 The Products ordered by the Customer will be supplied in metropolitan France within a period of time depending on the delivery option chosen by the Customer at the time of the order, to the address indicated by the Customer. The delivery times and availability of the Products are for information purposes only. Any delays in the delivery of Products irrespective of the reason, cannot justify the cancellation of the order, the refusal to take delivery of the Products and/or give rise to any penalty or compensation of any kind. Delivery times only begin to run from the date of the order confirmation by Suza. Delivery within the specified time limits will only be met if the Customer is up to date with their obligations to Suza.

3.4 Shipping costs: orders are delivered free of charge, Franco, beyond 1500€tax excl. (only in Metropolitan France). For orders below 1500€HT the amount of shipping costs are calculated on the basis of the weight of your order.

3.5 Suza is released from its obligation of delivery if it is prevented or delayed by a force majeure event. The term force majeure refers to any unforeseeable and independent event of Suza’s will, preventing or impeding the fulfilment of its obligations, including, without limitation: the events of mobilization, war, total or partial strike, lock-out, requisition, shortage of raw materials, failure of suppliers or subcontractors of Suza, fire, incident, interruption or delay of transport, or any other event.

3.6 In the particular case of the direct delivery service of the Products by Suza to the final customer on behalf of and on behalf of the Customer ("Dropshipment"), the order form prepared by the Customer must specify the contact details of the final customer. Suza cannot be held responsible for the non-compliance of the delivery of the Products to the order placed by the final customer, if this delivery is in accordance with the order placed by the Customer with Suza.


It is understood, however, that the simple handover of a title that creates an obligation to pay, treat or otherwise, does not constitute a payment within the meaning of this provision, the claim originating from Suza on the Customer subject to all the guarantees attached to it, including this reservation of ownership until such effect has been paid. However, the risk of loss and damage will be transferred to the Customer from the delivery of the Products.

As a result, the Customer is obliged to ensure, at its own expense, the Products, for the benefit of Suza to the complete transfer of ownership. Failure to pay any maturity may result in the claim of these Products.

The Customer shall not alter or delete the signs of identification of these Products and their packagings, from which it authorizes verification at any time in its premises.

In the event of seizure, or in the event of judicial recovery or other equivalent insolvency proceedings, the Customer must also inform Suza without delay. The Customer also forbids to give the property of the Products as a guarantee.

5.1 Customer is required to verify the apparent condition of the Products when they are delivered or removed.

5.2 In the event of an anomaly concerning the Products subject to delivery (agricultural, missing product(s), damaged packaging, broken product(s), etc.), the Customer shall, in order to assert his rights and under penalty of any action relating to it, issue clear, precise and complete manuscript reserves on the carrier's delivery slip, in the presence of the carrier.


e carrier and the Customer will date and sign the reservations issued by the latter. In the case that the carrier refuses to sign the said reservations, the Customer must indicate it in writing on the delivery slip. The Customer shall confirm the said reservations to the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within three (3) days after delivery, the date on the delivery slip being notified, in accordance with Article L.133-3 of the Trade Code.

The Customer must also inform Suza, in writing, of the existence of apparent defects or the non-compliance of the Products to the order by sending him a copy of the letter addressed to the carrier and the delivery slip within a maximum of five (5) working days from the delivery of the Products. If the Customer fails to comply with the procedure within the time specified above, the Products will be deemed to comply in quantity and quality with the order and any claim in this matter will be irrevocably rejected. Defects related to the transport of the Products will not be taken over by Suza and will be the sole responsibility of the carrier. Attention: the mention "subject to unpackage" has no legal value.

5.3 In the event of an anomaly in respect of Products subject to withdrawal by the Customer, the Customer shall, in order to assert his rights and subject to a waiver of any action relating to the Customer, inform Suza, in writing, of the existence of apparent defects or the non-compliance of the Products to the order within a maximum period of two (2) working days from the withdrawal of the Products. In the absence of reservations expressly issued by the Customer within the time specified above, the Products will be deemed to be in accordance with the order quantity and quality.

5.4 In any case, the Customer shall not defer a regulation, in whole or in part, in the event of a claim for apparent defects, non-compliance of the Products to the order or any other defects of the Product.

6.1 Subject to the limitations of liability stipulated below, Suza guarantees to the Customer that all Products sold by Suza comply with the specifications set out in its catalog or website and do not have design, material or manufacturing defects, subject to their use, installation, storage and handling under normal conditions for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery (the "Garantie").

Suza's interventions under the Warranty cannot have the effect of prolonging the duration of the Warranty. Products that have been stored for more than 12 months from delivery or removal are excluded from the warranty.

6.2 The guarantee is excluded in the event of misuse, error of connection, negligence, lack of maintenance or storage (notably safe storage or prolonged storage) on the part of the Customer in relation to the rules of art and, where they exist, the technical specifications specified in the user manual, as in the case of normal wear of the Product, accident or force majeure (as defined in section 3.5 above). Similarly, the warranty is excluded in the event of modification or transformation of the Product or addition of devices to the Product not in accordance with the User Manual or by a third person who has not previously been authorized in the Product or in writing by Suza. In addition, Suza's liability may not be incurred in the event of damage to the Product or other property due to the use of the Product in combination with or integrated with any other Product or equipment.

6.3 In the event of a defect or defect, and subject to the Customer's compliance with the procedures set out in Article 5 above, Suza shall, at his or her choice, make the replacement, without charge, of the Products or the establishment of an asset equal to the price actually paid by the Customer. The shipment of the Products replaced under the Warranty is carried out by a non-specified transport at the normal rate and at the discretion of Suza.

7.1 Suza cannot be responsible for the Client's failure to comply with any of his obligations under the present, which would not be in fact, or that would be in consequence of the occurrence of a case of force majeure as defined in section 3.5 above. In the event of delivery of a defective product, the Customer will only be liable for Suza under this item.

In any event, Suza cannot be responsible beyond the Guarantee provided for in Article 6 above, to the extent permitted by law. In particular, its responsibility cannot extend:

- direct or indirect damage to property or other material belonging to the Customer or to a third party as a result of any defects or defects of the Product;

- loss of profits, business figures, data, or any other direct or indirect losses, whatever the cause, predictable or not.

7.2 If, however, Suza's liability should be retained, and whatever the cause or origin, its liability should not be in any case higher than the value of the product's purchase price.

7.3 In the case that the Customer would be the subject of a claim or prosecution by a third party who may incur Suza's liability under these GTCs, the Customer undertakes to inform Suza immediately in writing.

8.1 All conditions and procedures for the return of the Products are contained in the SAV (RMA) charter annexed to these CGV or available on the www.

8.2 However, it is specified that in the event of the discovery of defects of the Product following the deadlines mentioned in section 5 above or under the conditions set out in section 6 above, the Customer shall, under penalty of any action relating to the product, inform Suza, in writing within a maximum period of eight (8) days from the date of their discovery.

9.1 Prices are expressed in Euros, HT and TTC, from Ferrières-en-Brie. They do not include any transportation and customs charges or any insurance that remains at the expense of the Customer.

9.2 The price to be paid is systematically indicated in a clear way when ordering and order confirmation.

9.3 Our tariff is given as an indication in our catalogues and is subject to change at any time. The sale price is determined only at the time of order confirmation.

9.4 In case of erroneous price display, clearly derisory, whatever the reason (computer bug, manual or technical error), the order of the validated Customer will be cancelled by Suza. Suza undertakes to inform the Customer in writing and to reimburse him as soon as possible any amount that he has already paid on the date of the cancellation. The Customer may, if he wishes, pass his order again at the corrected price.

10.1 Any delivery, even partial, is invoicing.

10.2 For orders by telephone, fax, mail or mail Suza will send an invoice for the Products ordered upon delivery or withdrawal.

10.3 The price is payable in full on the day of order or withdrawal of the Products, by bank card, transfer or cheque. The cheque must be written in the order of Suza International and sent, accompanied by the order summary, to the following address: Suza International, Parc d’activ du Bel Air, 11 Avenue Joseph Froëlicher, 77164 Ferrières-en-Brie, Marne-la-Vallée, France.

10.4 Payment by bank card (blue card, visa, Eurocard / Mastercard...) is made on the secure servers of Suza's partner. The order will be considered valid after confirmation of bank payment authorization. If the bank refuses, the order will be automatically cancelled. Suza will forward to the Customer at the time of delivery or withdrawal of the Products, the invoice corresponding to the Products ordered. The Customer's bank account will be automatically debited from the final total price all taxes included in the Products ordered.

10.5 In the event of default of payment, penalties equal to three (3) times the rate of legal interest will be applied in full right from the due date, without any standings, until the full payment of the sums due. The amount of these penalties is charged to all discounts, discounts or discounts due by Suza. In addition, a lump-sum compensation for recovery costs, in the amount of forty euros (40€) will be payable, in full right and without prior notice, by the Customer in case of delay in payment. Suza reserves the right to seek additional compensation from the Customer if the recovery costs actually incurred exceeded that amount, upon presentation of the evidence.

10.6 If a single invoice fails to pay at maturity, Suza may suspend all orders pending until the full payment of the amounts due.

In the event of default of payment, forty-eight (48) hours after an unsuccessful stay, the sale will be resiliated in full right so well seems to Suza who may request, in return, the return of the Products, without prejudice to any other damages interest.

In all the above cases, the amounts that would be due for other deliveries, or for any other cause, immediately become payable if Suza does not opt for the termination of the corresponding orders.

The Customer will be required to reimburse all unpaid expenses, as well as any costs incurred by the contentious recovery of the amounts due, including departmental officer fees.

10.7 In any case, after the first order, the Customer may request a deferred payment authorization from SUZA. The award of a claim and deferred payment terms is subject to the acceptance of Suza's financial services.

10.8 Suza reserves the right to return, at its discretion, to the previous payment conditions in the event of a payment incident or serious and consistent indexes involving the financial credibility of the Customer.

Products are subject to change without notice. The photographs on our website, our technical data sheets and catalogues are not contractual.

12.1 The content of the sites and catalogues is the property of Suza and is protected by French and international intellectual property laws. The general structure, as well as software, texts, animated or fixed images, sounds, know-how, drawings, graphics and all other elements of these supports are the exclusive use of Suza. Any total or partial representation of these materials, by a few processes, without express authorization from Suza, is prohibited and would constitute a counterfeit sanctioned by articles L.335-2 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code. The hyperlinks established under the Site in the direction of other resources on the Internet network, cannot be held liable for Suza.

12.2 Products, Product documentation, trademarks owned by Suza are protected by intellectual property rights that are not assigned or granted to the Customer. The title and ownership of the intellectual property rights contained in the Products or in any part of the Products will remain the exclusive property of Suza.

The Customer cannot use the advertising or promotional materials, the Suza visuals, texts and logos that the latter could transmit to it and any brand of which Suza is holder only for the purpose of promoting the Products. It is granted to the Customer only a right of use, not exclusive.

The Customer who would have known a violation or a claim concerning Suza's intellectual property rights must immediately inform Suza and bring her full cooperation. The Customer undertakes not to take any legal action in respect of this situation without Suza's prior written consent. Suza cannot be responsible for the Customer because of Suza's violation of third-party intellectual property rights.

13.1 The data collected by Suza on natural persons representing or working for the Customer are subject to computer processing and are intended to ensure the proper management of orders, contracts and invoices, the establishment of commercial statistics and/or to allow them to benefit from commercial offers.

13.2 These physical persons consent to the use of these data by Suza. In accordance with the provisions of the so-called "computer and liberties" Act of 6 January 1978, these persons have a right of access, rectification and deletion of the data concerning them, which the Customer may exercise by writing by postal mail to the following address: Suza International, Parc d'activité du Bel Air, 11 Avenue Joseph Froëlicher, 77164 Ferrières-en-Brie, Marne-la-Vallée, France.

These CGVs are subject to French law. All disputes will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Meaux Trade Tribunal.

LOI AGEC - Article 62 of the Anti-Gaspillage Law for the Circular Economy:

Suza International is subject to the principles of the Productor’s Enlargement Responsibility (REP) whose unique identifier number is: 521884: FR215871_01DTDH

ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT: Suza International is a member of the Ecologic organization under the unique identifier number: FR006692_05GGAI and agrees to inform the consumer about the waste sorting rules according to Decree No. 2021-835.

ECOMAISON: Suza International is a member of Ecomaison (formerly Ecomobiler) under the unique identifier number: FR034075_101VAY for the management of regulatory recycling obligations.

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