There is the game and the spirit of the game! The gamers and... Spirit of Gbitter.

Created in 2012, Spirit of gamer is a French brand that offers PC devices and game accessories such as keyboards, mouse, helmets and chassis Gaming. The ambition of Spirit of Gamer is to meet the needs of casual players to the most hardcore gamers with a wide range of affordable products.

Among the products offered by Spirit of Gamer include mechanical keyboards with customizable backlight and macros, high-precision game mouse with adjustable DPI settings, immersive game helmets with its Surround 7.1 Vrtual, ergonomic game chairs designed for long game sessions and improve your gaming experience.



But the spirit of the game has no border and we also manufacture devices for consoles: controllers, helmets, converters, steering wheels and simulation cockpit.

Spirit of Gamer represents the passion and love of our teams, our players for the kidg. Our teams are composed... of players! Rompues to video games from the Amstrad, we focus on ergonomics and features for products that want to be accessible to all.

You'll understand that: We're Gamers.


Team Spirit.



New generation of leather seat

Recommended retail price : 379.90€


The bestseller of the brand

Recommended retail price : 19.90€


The most beautiful chassis Gamer :)

Recommended retail price : 74.90€

HeadQuarter 200

Ultra-design metal frame

Recommended retail price : 149.90€

AirCooler PRO

Ventirad cooling kit

Recommended retail price : 39.90€


A range of Souris design mats

From: 9.90€


A resolution of 8000 IPR

Recommended retail price : 14.90€


Virtual Surround 7.1

Recommended retail price : 29.90€