VAT included

ULTRA-REALISTE: With its non-slip coating, 26 cm diameter and angle rotation of 180°, Race Wheel Pro is the ultimate simulation accessory, for an ultra-realistic gaming experience, whatever your vehicle: racing car, kart, bus or tractor.

THE PILOT IS YOU Become a real driving professional, Race Wheel Pro is a complete kit ! An ergonomic wheel equipped with 8 buttons, directional cross... sequential pallets, sequential gearbox and also brake and acceleration pedals.

VIBRATION Designed to offer a realistic driving experience, the steering wheel allows you to adjust its sensitivity on three different levels. And for more sensations, it is equipped with vibration engines which allow you, for example, to feel the crumb drop after a badly negotiated turn.

PROGRAMMABLE 6 buttons are adjustable if you want to switch the map of your steering wheel with 8 other buttons. The mappage allows you to customize the way you control the game with the steering wheel according to your preferences.

GAME ON The steering wheel is compatible with Windows® 7 to Windows® 11, allowing you to enjoy your favorite simulation games. It offers great flexibility thanks to its 3 configuration modes : Dinput Analogue, Dinput Digital and Xinput, to adapt to a multitude of games.

DRIFT IN ALL SECURITY With 7 cups and a attachment kit included, you can fix solidly the steering wheel on a desktop or simulation cockpit. With your hands firmly attached to the steering wheel, you can safely perform Drifts, without fearing that the steering wheel will come from the first turn.

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Packaging :
Reference: SOG-RWP1

EAN: 3700104441637

Dimensions: 30x 27 x 32.5 cm
Weight: 3 kg

Colisage : 4 Pieces
Dimensions: 62 x 34 x 56 cm
Weight: 12.2 kg


Data sheet

USB wired
Cable length
Supported platform(s)
Analogue octo-directional cross
Double vibration motor for ever more realistic sensations
Grip Control coating for a racing grip
Home button to directly access your console settings
Progressive crankset for ultra-precise acceleration and braking
Pro speed lever and sequential pallets for fast gear control
Steering wheel with 180° turning range
Black / Red
Contents of packaging
Fixing system
Quick Installation Guide