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THE NEXT GENERATION : The Neon series is a brand new range of disruptive chairs developed with the mission to offer you a natural ergonomic position and ultimate comfort with its unique enveloping shape. The secret of its comfort lies in the foam used! It is molded to follow the shape of your back and its density of 60 kg/m3 specially designed to offer perfect posture.

FUTURE CONCEPTION: Neon is not equipped with additional cushions as they are integrated directly into its structure. The lumbar region is protected with a curved backrest to respect your anatomy and the shape of its head support will relieve your cervicals. If the foam used offers an amazing support, its matted similicuir coating will bring you softness and flexibility.

UN DESIGN FONCTIONNEL: Would you like to take your seat a few degrees or take a little break? Its tilt function allows you to adjust the angle of the folder from 90° to 160°. And why not relax with his other flip-flop function, unlock the chair and let yourself go from before to back.

ULTRA CONFORTABLE: Its armrests are adjustable 1D, i.e. a dimension. They move from top to bottom by simply pressing a button. For additional support and comfort of your forearms and elbows, the upper armrest coating is padded.

NEON SERIES: They are equipped with Class III cylinder, the maximum recommended weight is 120 Kg. To move with fluidity, its reinforced nylon foot is equipped with 5 anti-slip and anti-static wheels to slide on any type of floor. Available in 4 colors: red, green, blue or black, it will fit perfectly into your home to play, telework or even in the office.

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Reference: SOG-GCNBL
EAN: 3700104461093
Dimensions (cm): 83 x 65 x 32 cm
Weight: 22.7 kg

Data sheet

Adjustable armrests: 1D
Colour: Blue
Inclination adjustment: 90° to 160°
Net weight: 19 Kg
Retreat: similicuir
Switching function: Yes
Verin: Class 3
Foam density: 60 Kg/m3
Maximum height: 54,5 cm
Minimum height: 44,5 cm
Width x Depth: 39 x 51 cm
Foam density: 60 Kg/m3
Height x width: 83 x 53 cm
Length x width x thickness: 26.5 x 8.5 x 3 cm
Maximum height: 37 cm
Minimum height: 30 cm
Type: 1D (Top/Bas)
Pied : Nylon
Wheels : Ø6 cm - Double - 360° - Anti-slip and anti-static
Recommended size: Please check seat dimensions
Recommended weight : 120 Kg