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LA REFERENCE DES GAMERS : The Demon series offers an ergonomic design for incomparable comfort. With a baquet design of the "car racing" type, Demon ensures an ideal posture. Its lumbar and cervical cushions will allow you to keep your spine aligned in a position respecting your back. Demon Series comes in 4 designs: black, blue, white and even camouflage!

UP AND DOWN: Demon Series are equipped with Class III cylinder, this one offers a 360° swivel seat and allows you to adjust the height of the seat using its handle. The maximum recommended weight is 120 Kg.

WORK HARD: The inclination of the backrest is one of the choice criteria when talking about setting and comfort, Demon offers a vertical position from 90° to 180° in horizontal position. The seat also benefits from the tilting or locking system. The quality of similicuir, its seams, colour inserts and embroidery bring Demon a 100% gamer look.

2 DIMENSIONS: Well installed in front of your setup, you only have to adjust the 2D armrests: high/low and left/right. These settings allow you to adjust your position further to your setup: keyboard, mouse and even if you play with your controller.

ARMORED DESIGN: The solidity of the metal foot ensures a perfect stability and mobility thanks to its 5 silent and surface-friendly wheels (Tapis, Parquet...)

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Reference: SOG-GCDBL
EAN: 3700104451070
Dimensions (cm): 86 x 70 x 33 cm
Weight: 24 kg

Data sheet

Adjustable armrests: 2D
Colour: Blue
Net weight: 21 kg
Retreat: similicuir
Switching function: Yes
Tilt adjustment: 90° to 180°
Verin: Class 3
Foam density: 35 Kg/m3
Maximum height: 53 cm
Minimum height: 46 cm
Width x Depth: 53 x 52 cm
Foam density: 28 Kg/m3
Height x width: 82 x 55 cm
Length x width x thickness: 28.5 x 8 x 2.5 cm
Maximum height: 35 cm
Minimum height: 27 cm
Type: 2D (Top/Bottom, Left/Right)
Pied : Nylon
Wheels : Ø6 cm - Double - 360° - Anti-slip and anti-static
Recommended size: Please check seat dimensions
Recommended weight : 120 Kg